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PNR Status Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System

Welcome to Indian Railway Passenger reservation system for Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry Passenger Current Status like PNR Status - Indian Railway PNR Status - irctc PNR Status, Indian railway PNR Status enquiry for this PNR status Enter the PNR number for your booking Number to get the current status of Passenger Name Records. You will find PNR Number on the top left corner of the ticket.

Symbol Description
CAN / MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger
CNF / Confirmed Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL # Waiting List Number
RLWL Remote Location Wait List
GNWL General Wait List
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WL No More Booking Permitted
RELEASED Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
R# # RAC Coach Number Berth Number
WEBCAN Railway Counter Ticket Passanger cancelled through internet and Refund not collected
WEBCANRF Railway Counter Ticket Passanger cancelled through internet and Refund collected

PNR Status Enquiry is a key before boarding the train. Since, if your seat is still in the W/L after the preparation of boarding chart then you will be not be permitted to board the train. You're reserving status should either be affirmed or set in the RAC list (Reservation against cancellation).Generally, Indian Railways Train Reservation outlines are readied around 4 hours before the initiation of excursion at the source station.

The ticket confirmation of IRCTC Passenger Name Record (PNR) can also be checked by SMS, call support or email. This facility is only provided to those, who give their valid phone number and email id. The whole detail information is given along with the coach number, birth number. Ones the confirmation is done for the ticket, passenger get confirmation message on his or her registered mobile number. Here is the way how to check PNR Status by SMS. This is one of an offline PNR status checking.

Checking the status of the flight is now getting easy for users because of internet facility The time we book the airtickets, we get a PNR number. “PNR Means Passenger Name Record. This is a sort of id number on your ticket and this helps us knowing the latest status of flight. It could be passenger or a group of passengers Who are travelling via airlines.”.

Whenever you book a train ticket online, a 10-digit PNR will be allotted to you by the IRCTC , note down that PNR Number and if your ticket is in waiting list then you should surely note it down because you need to keep checking if your ticket got confirmed or not? Users can type in your PNR number in text box on India Railway main website and click on submit button provided below. Just in a second, you would get IRCTC PNR status details from servers and it will be clear whether your ticket is confirmed or not. Those who wants to keep the print out of their PNR Details they can take a print out.

Tickets with WL or Wait List status are not guaranteed any berth or sitting accommodation. They will be accommodated only if sufficient confirmed or RAC ticket holders cancel their reservation. The number of WL tickets are determined by railway officials, and once a maximum number of wait listed tickets have reached, the ticketing system refuses any more requests and responds with REGRET status. You cannot purchase a ticket with REGRET status.

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation and it means that you don't have a reserved berth, but you have sitting accommodation in the train and class of your choice. There is a possibility this will be converted to a berth when it becomes available due to last minute cancellations closer to travel date. RAC ticket holders can board the train and are seated in the two side chairs. If a berth is available due to cancellation, then one RAC holder will get the berth, and the other RAC holder can convert the two side chairs into a berth.

Checking PNR status through mobile also works like a charm! All you have to do is submit your 10-digit PNR number to 139 or 5676747 and make sure you do not write any additional text and there you go! You would be updated about your status through just a simple text message. This cool feature by Indian Railways is one of the easiest and simple ways to know your exact booking status.

Through your unique PNR number you can get to know all your travel related queries and get all the required information. These cancellations can get you on the train if you bought an RAC or WL ticket. The PNR number is printed on the top left corner of the ticket if you have a printed, paper ticket with you. With a PNR Number you can follow up with the Current Status of your reservation and check whether it is confirmed or not. Author is an expert and experienced writer in online industryHad written many articles on yatra flight and yatra daily offers.

Another way to check the status of PNR is to through your cellular phone or landline. Just enter the pnr number in the above text box and then click on the Get Status button. Lawmakers have resisted endorsing the system, known as the Passenger Name Record (PNR), on the grounds it could infringe people's privacy. Like various other apps, you will also find apps that let you check reservation Status from your Smartphone only. I could do the same from the Expedia website, which showed me the required flight details with discounts. Note: the correct format of the sms text is ‘9876543210' (sample number - use your unique PNR number).