Live Station Status


How do I Check Live Station Status?

Passengers willing to know about the next train and its status can enter these three major components to get the number of trains running from a particular station:

  • Enter Station Name or Station Code: It's the station from where the passengers are planning to board the upcoming train. The passenger has to enter the name of the station or station code and the system auto-fetches and suggest the list of stations.
  • Enter Destination Station Name or Station Code optional: It is the destination station for which the passenger has planned his journey. Type the station name or station code in the box and the interface will suggest the station name with code to select the correct station.
  • Select Duration Hours of Your Choice: Select the time duration of your choice. The interface has three timings to select i.e, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. This means the passenger can check the arrival and departure status of the train scheduled to arrive after 2hours, 4 hours and eight hours and plan accordingly.